FTC Faucet


Feathercoin Faucet

Feathercoin cryptocurrency is a light alternative to the Bitcoin.
The coin features fast transactions with low fees.

FTC Faucet gives you a small amount of Feathercoin for free so you can learn how to use a wallet.
For more information visit the Feathercoin website.


Support FTC Faucet by donating FTC to the address 6w2nRNFfehQFbt7a3tX7V5VNqWTGa9ZsJH


Contact us at ftcfaucet at gmail dot com

Help! How do I start with Feathercoin?

To get an FTC address you need to install a wallet that supports Feathercoin.

If you are using a PC or a Mac, consider installing Feathercoin Core wallet (it takes a bit of time to synchronise).

On mobile, consider using Edge wallet.

To learn more about Feathercoin, check out the Feathercoin website.